At Constant, we are keen to spread the word again about citizenAID.  This is a very forward thinking, holistic tool that if embraced by the masses WILL SAVE LIVES!

About citizenAID

Established in 2016, citizenAID is a UK registered charity with a focused mission to prepare individuals, communities and organisations to help themselves and each other when there are multiple casualties, particularly from deliberate attacks.  


citizenAID recognises that this system is fully transferable to any situation where there are multiple casualties.


Many know what to do when someone collapses with a heart attack. But being able to act effectively after a deliberate attack requires different knowledge and skills.  citizenAID provides this information.


In the minutes following an attack, before emergency services arrive, simple actions like opening an airway or stopping bleeding are vital in saving people’s lives.  citizenAID empowers YOU to do this.


citizenAID helps the general public to stay safe and improvise effective treatment before emergency services are available to provide professional medical support.  citizenAID enables the public to save lives. 

Download the app and take a look.



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