CCTV Remote Monitoring

CCTV Remote Monitoring

Constant utilise the most up-to-date CCTV remote monitoring receiving technology to enable our clients to cost effectively keep their business and residential premises under constant detection-lead surveillance.

Your CCTV system will be monitored through our Immix Platform, which is an event-based platform for monitoring security events. It organises and manages unlimited monitoring activities into a single platform.

The CCTV system is connected to our remote monitoring station via the internet and is live in line with a pre-agreed monitoring timetable.

If an intruder or other unusual activity is detected by the CCTV system, an immediate alarm is sent to our remote monitoring station, where it is immediately investigated, and appropriate action is taken including notifying the emergency services and/or deploying one of our local responders.

As our operators have visually verified an activation alarm, there will be added credibility to our call to emergency and will ensure a rapid emergency response.

If there is an intruder on site, a live audio warning will usually be immediately issued. In most cases, an audio warning will deter intruders from remaining on site.  

Please see the attached links to videos regarding remote monitoring. The attached links show our Immix monitoring platform and our Calipsa false alarm filtering technology in action.

Calipsa Demo: False Alarm Filtering Platform - YouTube.

There are numerous monitoring stations throughout the UK, but very few combine the service with a mobile response. Our service would include the dispatch of an experienced mobile unit to work in harmony with our Control Room personnel to investigate and resolve any suspicious activity received.

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