Mobile Services

Mobile Services

Mobile Patrols

Our random recorded mobile patrol service provides a complete, highly transparent and cost effective security solution which is the perfect fit for many customers who don’t require a permanent guarding presence.

Mobile patrols are usually provided as random spot checks to prevent criminal reconnaissance and will concentrate on pre-identified vulnerable areas and historical hot spots of criminal activity agreed during a comprehensive survey conducted with each client prior to commencement of service. However, on occasion, certain customers will require us to provide our patrols at scheduled times to provides checks on machines or processes, this can always be incorporated.

This service is supported and clearly evidenced through use of our Patrol Evidencing System which records comprehensive patrol activity of our response personnel while on site. Unique proximity points are installed on the site at identified areas which the Officer visits and registers during every patrol.

Keyholding & Response

We have grown our response and patrol service to become one of the largest operated by any independent UK security company.

Our clients are diverse and range from industrial and manufacturing plants and universities through to private houses.

We understand that a rapid response is vital in order to ensure the protection of your premises and the efficient resolution of any activation.

Our service is streamlined through the use of:

  • Regional response and support hubs.
  • Spot-On vehicle tracking system allowing our Control Room staff to immediately allocate the closest response unit.
  • KeySafe installation on remote sites to eliminate down time returning to base for keys and instructions.
  • Tablets for all response units to allow our Control Room to immediately send operations instructions to responders.

Our Control Centre is permanently manned by a team of highly experienced Controllers. When our responders need assistance or advice they are able to talk to a senior member of staff who fully understands the issues.

Our response service deals with security issues 24 hours a day. Our Control Room has immediate access to specific Assignment Instructions for every client and will work in partnership and actively encourage a strong relationship with all stakeholders, helping to prevent crime and disruption.

Open & Lock Visits

We understand that it can often be challenging to allocate responsibility for daily locks and unlocks of premises to employees. By utilising our response personnel to perform this task on your behalf we can offer clients a flexible solution. It can also assist with lone worker access, contractor and weekend opening or short notice deliveries.

In addition, our personnel will usually be tasked with addition support tasks such as turning on/off lights and equipment helping to streamline your processes and reduce downtime and energy bills.

Vacant Property Inspections

Vacant Property Inspections can be carried out to give clients peace of mind about their unoccupied property assets.

Comprehensive reports are issued to the client and any concerns acted upon according to our agreed instructions. Strict protocols are observed in relation to informing emergency contacts and calling out Emergency Services and where necessary repair/maintenance companies.

Constant are able to provide a complete service by contacting pre-approved repair/maintenance companies from a contractor ensuring that the site is properly secured before leaving.

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