Constant Unveils New Immix Remote Monitoring Platform

Constant Unveils New Immix Remote Monitoring Platform

Constant are delighted to announce the launch of the IMMIX by SureView Systems CCTV remote monitoring platform in our Head Office Central Station, helping us to continue delivering a suite of high value, managed video and interactive services to customers throughout the region.

IMMIX has the largest CCTV system integration library in the industry and provides a single interface for our operators to easily interact with these systems.

The incorporation of IMMIX in to our Central Station has enabled us to consolidate a wide range of different software into one simple operator interface and dramatically increase our efficiency by offering state of the art visual monitoring services.

IMMIX is an automation platform that has been designed to receive alarm events from a range of devices including video, video analytics, industry standard receivers and access control systems. Events from the various devices are then brought together using the software and presented to the operator.

Laura Sanderson, Constant’s Control Room Manager, said:

“The introduction of the IMMIX monitoring platform is a great step forward for us. This system will enable us to significantly improve and simplify the service we offer.

The platform will enable us to monitor and streamline over one hundred systems by the one interface supporting a vast range of hardware.

We are now able to open up an interactive and extensive audit trail which will record and log everything an operator does, sees and hears when viewing a site, which will enable us to use examples for training purposes as the service develops.

Competitive Advantage

In addition to this significantly enhanced remote monitoring capacity, we also believe we have a real competitive advantage over many of our local and national CCTV remote monitoring competitors as we can also offer market leading keyholding and mobile response services to compliment the monitoring service.

We know that a rapid response is vital in order to ensure the protection of customer premises and the efficient resolution of any activation.

Our keyholding and response service is streamlined through the use of:

  • Regional response and support hubs.
  • Spot-On vehicle tracking system allowing our Control Room staff to immediately allocate the closest response unit.
  • KeySafe installation on remote sites to eliminate down time returning to base for keys and instructions.
  • Tablets for all response units to allow our Control Room to immediately send operations instructions to responders.

Immix is now fully operational in our Control Room and we would be really pleased to offer visits to installers and end users in order to discuss the collaborative opportunities available.


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